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Smart Cat Odor Purifier

Smart Cat Odor Purifier

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Introducing the Smart Cat Odor Purifier – a compact and rechargeable deodorizer designed to create a safe and pleasant home environment for your family.

Equipped with built-in sterilizing technology, this device ensures continuous air freshness and hygiene in any litter box for a full 24 hours. With added features like soft lighting and noise reduction upgrades, not only provides all-day protection but also enhances the quality of sleep.

Key Features:

REDUCES CAT LITTER STENCH: Features advanced deodorizer technology that binds and alters the structure of odor molecules, preventing them from attaching to nasal receptors. This results in a clean and fresh aroma throughout your home.

SUITABLE FOR DIFFERENT LITTER BOXES: Designed for open, semi-closed, and closed boxes, adapts to various litter box types. Its versatile design allows for easy transitioning between different setups.

SUPPORTS SLEEP QUALITY: The ultra-quiet design, with a running sound lower than 20dB, ensures uninterrupted sleep for everyone in the household. Compact fanless design operates seamlessly day and night.

LONG LASTING INVESTMENT: With 24-hour monitoring and a 400mAh battery, it provides continuous sterilization. It replaces unpleasant odors with a neutral scent every time your cat relieves itself, ensuring a consistently fresh environment.

ALL-NATURAL STERILIZATION: Safeguards both pets and homeowners from potential allergic reactions caused by chemicals and additives. The soft light emitted during operation ensures a non-irritating experience for cats.

In recognizing the challenges posed by the buildup of feces and urine in cat litter, it goes beyond traditional solutions. Regular scooping and litter replacement may not eliminate accumulated bacteria, leading to health concerns. Research indicates that cat litter can contain ammonia fumes, causing respiratory discomfort.

Addresses this by binding, dissolving, and lifting the bacteria-ridden smell, improving overall air quality in your home. Unlike conventional odor sprays that merely mask the smell, simultaneously reduces dangerous air contaminants to less than 0.005 ppm. Breathe in fresher and healthier air  – the all-in-one solution to cat litter odor problems.Length: 3.6 inWide: 3.6 inHeight: 1.6 inPackage Includes:1 Smart Cat Odor Purifier 1 Double-sided sticker1 charging cable

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