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LifeVac Rescue Trio

LifeVac Rescue Trio

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Introducing the Essential Life-Saving Respiratory Restorer: a vital emergency device designed with the hope that it will never need to be used, yet an indispensable safeguard every home should possess.

Children, due to their tender age, often face the risk of choking on food, a situation that becomes exponentially more dangerous with the accidental ingestion of non-food items. A matter of seconds can delineate the boundary between life and death, representing the critical window for action in such emergencies. Adults, too, are not immune to choking hazards, which can unexpectedly turn into life-threatening scenarios without timely intervention.

Our Professional Choking Emergency Device for Adults and Children stands as a pioneering solution to these dire situations, offering a chance to save lives when every moment counts.


- Professional and Scientific Structure: Designed with an ergonomic approach, this device ensures a perfect fit for mouths of all sizes, eliminating air leakage and maximizing airway clearance.
- High-Quality Materials: Constructed from high-specification, durable materials, this device promises reliability over time, ensuring it remains functional and intact for when you need it most.

- Versatility for All Ages: The kit includes two different mask sizes, catering to both adults and children. This versatility ensures that your entire family is protected, regardless of age.

Incorporate this indispensable tool into your home safety kit, securing peace of mind with the knowledge that you are prepared to act effectively in a choking emergency. The Essential Life-Saving Respiratory Restorer: because every second counts in saving a life.

Material: ABS+PP
Mask Size: 
Small (children) 10*8*7cm 
Large (adult) 13*10.5*8cm

Package Includes:
1*Children Mask
1*Adult Mask

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